Customer Endorsements

What our customers are saying:

This panel [SIDR] did exactly what MALDI cannot do. We’re pleased!

Reference Lab Microbiology Team Leader – Ohio

We love the Great Basin system. Easy to use, state of the art testing. Great business model. We can run tests in our small lab that we would otherwise not be able to run.

-Laboratory Director, Massachusetts

The procedure is extremely easy….all techs on every shift can run this assay, compared to only a few with our previous method.

– Hospital Microbiology Supervisor, Michigan

By providing a more sensitive/specific molecular assay, our physicians will no longer need to order a C. difficile test in triplicate, and will trust their first result.

– Hospital Laboratory Director, Missouri

Your system is so easy to run and gives great results. I don’t understand how any lab would not adopt this system.

– Laboratory Director, Idaho

I love this system. So easy to run and easy to adopt since we don’t have capital equipment to purchase. We’ll use every test you have.

– Hospital Laboratory Director, Wyoming

I don’t feel like I’m just a number with you guys!

-Microbiology Lab Director, Florida

My techs were unanimous the Great Basin tests were easier to use than our current platform for CDIFF/GBS/MRSA.

-Microbiology Lab Supervisor, Kansas