Bordetella Direct Test

The Burden

B. pertussis is the causative agent of Pertussis, also known as “Whooping Cough.” The CDC reported over 20,000 cases of Pertussis in 2015 in the US.1 Despite availability of a Pertussis vaccine, immunity is waning, particularly in adolescent and young adult populations. Infants are particularly vulnerable to the disease.

While large molecular respiratory panels are available, the distinctive clinical presentation of B. pertussis demands stand-alone, STAT testing.

Currently, the most specimens are sent to a state or reference lab for Bordetella testing which, in the case of a reference lab, can be prohibitively expensive and cause several days – even weeks – delay in obtaining a result, during which time the patient may not be receiving appropriate treatment. Further, specimen collection methods vary by clinical sites, necessitating an assay capable of accepting a broad range of media types.

The Solution

Great Basin’s Bordetella Direct Test identifies the Insertion Sequence 481 of B. pertussis directly from nasopharyngeal swab media, with no additional hands-on steps required.

Perform cost-effective, STAT testing without paying for unnecessary analytes. The Bordetella Direct Test produces definitive results without the use of a large respiratory panel. You only pay for the target you need.

Report accurate results in an actionable timeframe. The Bordetella Direct Test provides definitive results in about 90 minutes, allowing prompt treatment and public health reporting and facilitating outbreak readiness in your lab.

A universal test. The Bordetella Direct Test has been validated with several media types, including VTM/UTM, ESwabs, Liquid Stuart, saline, Tris EDTA, and other elution buffers, making it compatible with virtually any nasopharyngeal specimen collection protocol.

Want more information?

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1CDC: 2015 Final Pertussis Surveillance Report