Stool Parasite Panel

Suspected cases of gastroenteritis caused by enteric parasites are often narrowed down by patient travel history, outbreaks, length of symptoms, and exposure to known reservoirs. This particular syndrome demands testing focused on the most likely parasitic pathogens.

The Burden

Traditional Ova and Parasite (O&P) examinations are time-consuming, laborious, and often performed in triplicate. The vast majority of parasitic infections are caused by 3-5 likely organisms.

The Solution

Great Basin Scientific is developing a molecular Stool Parasite Panel to detect the most common sources of parasitic gastrointestinal illness, with the goal of streamlining laboratory workflow and eliminating a significant portion of the O&P burden while providing superior sensitivity and ease-of-use to EIA methods.

Avoid the pitfalls of large panels with a right-sized approach. Cost-effectively test for the pathogens that make sense without paying for unnecessary analytes or producing confusing results. The Stool Pathogens Panel will contribute to Great Basin’s mid-plex panel approach of delivering smaller, right-sized panels that represent a common syndrome, offering clinicians a significant advantage over either culture or high-cost molecular diagnostic mega-panels.

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