The System

Great Basin’s diagnostic system provides the answers health care providers need to rule out possible causes and define a clear treatment path which means a huge time-savings for a strained healthcare system and quicker recovery for patients.analyzer_monitor_032016


Great Basin’s diagnostic system employs an integrated disposable cartridge containing all necessary reagents, and an inexpensive bench-top analyzer that executes the assay, interprets the results and provides electronic output to the clinician.

The Process

A clinician places an unprocessed clinical specimen into the cartridge, caps, then places the cartridge into the analyzer. The test routine is initiated in the analyzer for a simple automated process.  Within the instrument, simple mechanical valves are present to control the flow of fluid through the cartridge and to pierce the blister packs.  Low cost and reliable heaters are present for assay processing.  Imaging occurs with a simple CCD camera placed over a window in the cartridge above the chip.  The image is converted into a clinical result that is provided to the clinical laboratory.

The disposable cartridge contains—in blister packs or lyophilized—all of the reagents required to run the test.  The main analytical steps of the assay (sample prep, amplification, and detection) are performed in chambers present on the cartridge; all waste is collected in a chamber and the system is closed so that no contamination of the laboratory occurs.

To simplify processing within the analyzer, fluids are moved within the cartridge through relatively large channels by exploiting pressure differences.  Proprietary features have been designed into the cartridge to allow for bubble-free fluid movement and novel sensor design permits accurate and precise volumetric delivery.