Fast results. More answers. Better patient outcomes.

Great Basin’s sample-to-result molecular diagnostics can provide several key advantages over other molecular and non-molecular solutions:

  • Fully automated, true sample-to-result system with few hands-on steps that do not require special staffing to read results
  • Low upfront analyzer cost, and cost-competitive assay pricing
  • Results in about 90 minutes, and on-demand testing (no batching of tests!) means faster time to treatment
  • Low-plex and multiplex testing on the same system means saved benchspace and simplicity for your techs


Easy-to-use. Sample-to-Result. Cost-effective.

Great Basin’s breakthrough approach to molecular diagnostics provides fast, cost-effective diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our easy-to-use assays deliver more diagnostic data per sample, meaning healthcare providers are able to treat patients with the right medication sooner, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

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Clear Treatment Path. Huge Time-Savings.

Great Basin’s diagnostic system provides the answers health care providers need to rule out possible causes and define a clear treatment path which means a huge time-savings for a strained healthcare system and quicker recovery for patients.

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Expedite time to optimal therapy leading to reduced antibiotic resistance, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes

The CDC estimates that there are 47 million unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics written each year in the U.S., and that over 10 million Americans will die from untreatable superbugs by 2050.

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Learn more about how Great Basin’s sample-to-result system can help your hospital or lab make fast and accurate molecular diagnostics possible.

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